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Lace Curtain Liza

Liza Morado

Introducing Lace Curtain Liza

Lace Curtain Liza
is a new artist living in the Puget Sound region of the Pacific Northwest, near Seattle and Tacoma, WA. As a fine artist her giclée portfolio includes portrait art, Latino art, landscapes and still life art. Her colorful and expressive fine art ranges in style from impressionism to folk art and childhood fantasy creatures. Her market includes cafes, boutiques and hotels as well as private collections. Email the Artist

Reproductions of all paintings are available for purchase. Contact artist for details.

Diary of Adventures
Well it’s Friday, the end of the week. I had fun this week, inbetween feeling like a hedge hog rolling down a steep hill. Ah, but it is Friday and that means it’s about to be a weekend again.