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Photographer: Adelaide Freitas, Lisboa, Portugal

Dear Rolf,
Thank you for your invite!
I'm glad to serve you as a reference on Naymz I wish you an excellent and successful time on Naymz! All the best and kind regards
- Lucas Wyrsch (01.08.09)

I met Rolf in a lot of social networks, where I learned him to know as a very polite, sincere person. I'm very grateful to know such a person.
- Solveigh Calderin (13.07.09)

I know Rolf from networking. Recommended.
- Prof. Dr.- Ing. Annette Kunow (12.07.09)

Rolf is a great networker and his profil shows me that he has extensive experiences in his business.
I am glad to have him as a professional contact.

Have a great day!
Best Regards,
- Mr. Hanno Reitschmidt (01.07.09)