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Joy Edition

Waeber, Rolf
Die Eremitin 1 Band
Wundersame Begegnung
Eine Frau sucht Ihre Bestimmung in der Einsamkeit der Berge....

Waeber, Rolf
Die Eremitin 2 Band
Die Ruinenstadt
Unter schweren Umständen kann Maria erneut den Terroristen entkommen und genießt in Schottland eine kurze Zeit der Ruhe....

Waeber, Rolf
Die Eremitin 3 Band
Die Spurenleserin
Dritter Band einer dreibändigen Serie.
Aufgrund einer gefundenen Flaschenpost macht sich die Spurenleserin Melina auf die Suche nach der verschollenen Tochter des Grafen Mengino....


For those of you who are abreast with the intelligence of what is occuring in the universe, it is no surprise to encounter that it Holds prostration is far attaining. Notwithstanding, what is getting unmistakable, is the powerful energy generated by the people who are seeking alterations that will travel them onto a new degree of being. The old slipways are suddenly being seen as unequal and unfulfilling, and unable to present what people want. There is weariness amongst you from being repeatedly embroiled in issues of warfare and confrontation. It is no more acceptable, and your longanimity with your authorisation is running out. You hold recognized that life should render you with much satisfaction and would make so, equally long as you were not need to consistently struggle for recognition of your entitlement to a happy and joyful life…

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Author Rolf Waeber

Die Eremitin - Wundersame Begegnungen
2009, Printsystem, Germany
ISBN-13: 978-3938295250, 470 pages

Die Eremitin - Die Ruinenstadt
2011, Printsystem, Germany
ISBN-13: 978-3938295335, 308 pages

Die Eremitin - Die Spurenleserin
2012, Printsystem, Germany
ISBN-13: 978-3938295533, 504 pages


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