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I have written four books until now.

The first one is in English,
the other three in German language.

About my books …

In short for my first book: I collected information about UFOs, aliens, ghosts and many other beings over 30 years. Once i decided to change my huge amounts of papers to a single book, which I finally did mid-2000.

In short for the book trilogy: One day my mother showed me a huge amount of papers which she has written down in a kind of "automated writing". It had many good ideas and I decided to change all this written stuff to a book. Soon I noticed that it would be over a thousand pages, so I made a trilogy out of it. October 2011, volume three has been published in Germany in German language.

So much more to tell...

Here the list:

1) An Overview of Extraterrestrial Races - Who is Who in the Greatest Game of History,
2005, Trafford, Canada/USA,
ISBN 1-4120-6360-4, 399 pages,

2) Die Eremitin - Wundersame Begegnungen,
2009, Printsystem, Germany,
ISBN-13: 978-3938295250, 470 pages,

3) Die Eremitin - Die Ruinenstadt,
2011, Printsystem, Germany,
ISBN-13: 978-3938295335, 308 pages

4) Die Eremitin - Die Spurenleserin,
2012, Printsystem, Germany,
ISBN-13: 978-3938295533, 504 pages,

Die Eremitin - Volume1

Die Eremitin
Die Eremitin volume one of three

Rolf at the World's Largest Book Fair in Frankfurt

Frankfurt Book Fair October 2009
Frankfurt Book Fair October 2009 At the fair in Germany with my book: "An Overview of Extraterrestrial Races"

An Overview of Extraterrestrial Races

An Overview of Extraterrestrial Races

Who is Who in the Greatest Game of History By Rolf Waeber Published: May, 2007

Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)

Pages: 418

Size: 7x10.5

ISBN: 9781412063609

The Female Hermit / Die Eremitin

Die Eremitin
Die Eremitin Volume1 of the Trilogy This book is published in Germany, November 21. 2009 by Printsystem Medienverlag

Die Eremitin (The Female Hermit)

Published at Printsystem Medienverlag, Germany

At libraries since December 2009

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